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Taurus Zodiac

April 20- May 20

Qualities include: being pratical, nostalgic, artistic, and comforting

This Zodiac bath bomb is scented Gray, a blend of Earl Gray and Lavender.


All bath bombs are handmade to order therefore weight and colors may vary slightly.


    This listing is for a Taurus Zodiac bath bomb- either a 5oz round flat or a 10 oz bag of minis. All bath bombs are handmade to order therefore weight and colors may vary slightly. You can get up to four uses per 10oz bag depending on how many you use.

    All of our round flat bath bombs are shrink wrapped and labeled. All of our mini bath bombs are bagged and sealed in resealable bags.

    Our Taurus Zodiac bath bombs are made with baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, corn starch, coconut oil, skin safe colorants, Polysorbate 80, and an essential oil blend.

    To Use

    Remove packaging, place in tub filled with water, and enjoy!

  • How to Use & Warnings

    By cleaning your tub beforehand it should keep the tub from staining. When finished using the bath bomb if there is a ring of color around the tub you can simply clean it out with a wash cloth and whatever tub cleaner you use. Note it may also be slippery from the oil after use- cleaning the tub will also remove the remaining product. It is recommended to use darker colored wash cloths in case of possible staining. 

    All products are for external use only. 

    Do not rub bath bombs directly on your skin. 

    Do not sit on the bath bombs. 

     If you are pregnant please consult with your physician before using our products especially if you are using one with essential oils. 

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